Shubhankar Kapoor

I’m Shubhankar Kapoor,a die-hard fan of Roger Federer and his backhand!  An undergraduate hailing from one of  the university towns in India, I love to play with chemicals,organic stuffs and electrical devices(would love to have an Arduino from you people!).

Photography is like a passion to me and it comes pretty natural because my father.I love to record almost everything that’s static and currently working on improving my skills on portraits and other dynamic stuffs.

Very much inspired from Tagore, I love reading books which are actually sarcastic,satirical and hit below the belt! My other favorite authors include Walter Isaacson(for his Steve Job’s biography), Salman Rushdie( for The Satanic Verses)  and many more whose names I’m forgetting!

Like half the population of Earth,I’m also a Techno lover(though I love Steve Jobs more than his company!). I love to hear advances from company like Google and Facebook and keenly observe the every-day changes they do to their algorithms and sometimes I review the products these internet companies roll out(Google’s Nexus 7 being the latest one).

This blog is my effort to digitize my photos and other stuffs what I care about. It’s about my life and how I feel about it. Hope we’ll have a nice journey ahead!


                                                                                                                                                The Left one is me!

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